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A sales pipeline big enough to achieve your sales goals​.

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Lead Generation Success 

  • What is your sales goal?

  • What is your average deal value?

  • What is your close rate percentage?

  • What is the sales pipeline value required to achieve your sales goal?

The Lead Generation Goal

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  • What is the company goal?

  • How much sales revenue is required to achieve the company goal?

  • How will the funds be re-invested into the business?

Sales Pipeline

  • How big does your sales pipeline need to be at each stage of the sales funnel?

The Process

Your assigned Tech Growth lead generation team, will ensure that they build a sales pipeline big enough to achieve the company goal.​​


Using the Sales Strategy, the sales pipeline will be built using the TG BASHO methodology via:

  • ​​

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • LinkedIn

  • and other Social Media Platforms

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